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The Reginald
At South Point, Barbados

The Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet at the South Coast of Barbados, resulting in a combination of lively waves and a beautiful expanse of white sand beaches.

The waters at some of the South Coast beaches are rough enough for a myriad of energetic water sports such as surfing, boogie boarding, kayaking, sailing and kite boarding. Other beaches and bays on the South Coast also have calmer waves and swells, with crystal clear sky blue water, suitable for more casual swimming and snorkelling.

Affectionately nicknamed the 'Fun Coast',The South Coast of Barbados is also heavily populated with endless restaurants, bars and venues giving visitors plenty of opportunity to have a fun night out on the town.

The Reginald vacation home is tucked in just a few minutes from the beach allowing our guests to easily get to all the action, but also far enough away to enjoy pure rest and relaxation. It's a one of a kind spot on the island with plenty of repeat visitors every year.

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